Luthan Hotel & Spa, the First Women’s Hotel

The first women’s exclusive hotel in the Middle East has opened in Saudi Arabia. This hotel is mainly reserved for business women who are usually full-screened and want to work separately from men. Built in the capital Riyadh, the hotel comprises twenty-five rooms and offers fine dining and conference rooms as well as advanced health and beauty facilities.

Which popular attractions are close to Luthan Hotel & Spa?

The hotel’s executive director says the project, which is exclusively for women, has received tremendous support in Saudi Arabia. The project, called Luthan Hotel & Spa, is owned by Saudi princesses and businesswomen. It is expected that soon this hotel will attract the attention of a large number of foreign and local women. In Saudi Arabia, it is the first spa hotel of its kind to be open 24 hours for women, whereas in other hotels, swimming pools were available only on certain days or times.


Saudi Arabia, where Wahhabi jurisprudence applies, prohibits the mixing of men and women in public places. Women are commanded to dress in such places according to Islamic orders. In addition, there is a ban on women driving in this country and employment in many institutions or places. According to our correspondent Frances Herrin, this is a great news for women in Saudi Arabia that they can walk to this hotel as they would at home. “Only women work inside this building. The owners of this hotel are also women,” says Lutheran Hotel Executive Director.


The hotel was inaugurated by Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz, Secretary General of Saudi Arabia’s Supreme Commission for Tourism.

Tourism officials have also invited other women to set up similar hotels in the country.

As you all people knows that Saudi Arabia is consider one of the most conservative country, which restrict every women to drive, meeting with male friends in public or also restriction on women employment. But now times change, new rules allows women to stay in standard hotel but without any male friend.

No men Allowed

The rate of this hotel is very high. This hotel is very good answer to those people who always think that women can’t take part in any activity like women. Even in the west countries there are many women who are playing role like men in every field.

When this hotel opened, no men would allowed to attend the opening ceremony of this hotel. Many people said a lot of rumors for this hotels. They don’t like the idea of this hotel to book it only for females.

Before January no women is allowed to visit any hotel without any companion. Or they must need written permission from their guardian. But now times and requirement change, now women can register herself only the permission letter of police.

Many people think that it’s not good to take away women from there men. They think that some people are trying to make other hotels to keep the women separate from the men.

Saudi Arabia eases restrictions on women at hotel

Some people like this idea, they said that ladies feel so free, ladies can use any services in these hotels like spa. Saudi Arab is one of the difficult country for the women especially for those who are alone. Mostly women prefer to stay in these type of places. All of the services provided by women staff and amenities are served by women. This hotel also provide traveling service to the value able customer with all their privacy. The facilities of gym, swimming pools are not only for men but also provided to women in this women hotel.

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