How Hotels Get Stars or Ranked

During your visit to different countries, your friends will definitely stay at the hotels. Before heading to the hotel, some wise gentlemen are sure of how many stars the hotel has. Namely three, four or five. But have you wondered, on what basis and why is this ranking given? Today, we have come up with a variety of tips for curious gentlemen everywhere. So you can test both quality and reliability. So let’s know what the true story of these stars is.

There are hotels and restaurants of all kinds on the planet. Which every man chooses according to his ability. But in this modern era of the 21st century, the stars are given prominence. Some people choose expensive hotels to display status, so in addition to some amenities. From the perspective of history, 1958 was the year when an American businessman wondered why these hotels should be judged on the basis of services and facilities. This thought provoked him and he jumped into the practice field. Friends may find this task as easy as it looks, but it’s just as difficult. But the man, with courage and courage, began the task. In the first phase, he chose eight thousand hotels, which were to be checked in a year. Upon completion of this list, this man encountered another problem, in determining what quality scales would be scrutinized by these hotels.

After a consultation, a long list of 800 facilities has been prepared to test the quality of performance after honorable ladies and gentlemen. Which was a really difficult thing. With all the preparation, this brave man went out to head up the mountain. In the span of a year, following what he said, he checked 8,000 hotels at 800 standard points and gave each hotel a star based on its performance. So the series went on and hotels around the world were being tested at these points. Well-known friends, by the way, every hotel owner needs to provide the best facilities to the customer. But because the five fingers are not equal, the system also suffers from an unhealthy condition. Hotel billboards and advertising showcase the world of amenities.

However, one cannot really examine the human being until the hotel itself. In this situation it is truly commendable to have this system. Hotel rankings allow humans to easily evaluate the amenities provided in these hotels. You may be wondering what the story behind these stars is.

One star hotel

The One Star Hotel’s washroom has soap, bath tub and body wash. In addition, daily cleaning of the living room is carried out. In addition, a remote control TV is also provided. However, you have to pay for the food separately.

Two star hotel

Walk to Two Star Hotels. Breakfast is also provided at the Two Star Hotel, with all the amenities of the One Star Hotel. In the room you also find a study table. Apart from this, you are also given Internet facility. Not only that, you also get a toothbrush, shaving kit in the washroom.

Three star hotel

When you look at the Three Star Hotel, it adds up to all the amenities mentioned above, with staff being available for 14 hours a day. The 3 Star Hotel also has an extra staff to carry or carry luggage to the room. Along with this, facilities like laundry, ironing and polishing shoes are also provided.

Four Star Hotel

The Four Star Hotel offers a home-like atmosphere. Room chairs, sofas, tables are provided to you. There is also a bar in the Four Star Hotel. Which also assists its clients in achieving this facility. A staff is provided for each room. Whoever is obliged to give something away from the city.

Five Star Hotel

If you are talking about a luxurious hotel in a five star hotel, there is a car parking area with amenities up to the Four Star Hotel. At which the guard himself takes the car key from you and parks the car. In addition, a waiter is issued an order to stay with you. Obliged to comply with your permissible order and every customer is welcomed with a bouquet of flowers.

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