Commercial Buildings and illegal Hotels in Residential Areas

Hotel construction is underway. Various colleges have either built these Hotels for the accommodation of their students or they have converted people’s houses into Hotels by renting houses in residential areas. Due to these Hotels, electricity bills are being received by the consumers instead of the commercial ones, but the people in the residential areas are facing difficulties due to these Hotels because of the students living in the colleges. Until late in the night, the Hotels are playing the tape recorder, which causes nearby accommodation. The lives of the occupants have become impoverished. In the morning and afternoon, the students staying in these Hotels not only make noise behind the students but also make them tired.

This is why there have been fights in different places. The students do not talk to their family for fear that God will not cause them any problem or that their family will not refuse to send them to college schools if this is how their parents will find out. Then there will be a problem for them – a similar letter has been sent by the residents of the town in which they wrote Yes, “We have become helpless, timid and even dishonest because of the fear and fear of the senior minister while in office and these citizens say that they can do nothing because of their mischief / cowardice.” What is the law that multi-storey commercial buildings should be built in residential areas so that not only the walkers face problems, but also the neglect of the houses of the people living nearby but there is no one to ask them. The “approach” of the makers is top-down.

Hotels is responsible for this is the question that residents of this city are doing

The construction of commercial buildings in different residential areas. People who say that they have their own honor, if a loafer gave a voice to their mother and daughter or said something, then there would be problems and problems. For years, citizens living in the area are leaving the area to escape the eagles. We wrote what we heard in Pashto for the current “red-faced senior people” from the mouths of migrants. Otherwise, the heart is trying to write down the grievances of the victims and the “government” in their hearts, but perhaps the “fear” may come to fruition – but the fear is that the claimants of “public rule” The honor of having a “tattooed” person like me can be tricky.

Hotel and Buildings in Commercial Areas

The most surprising thing is that these buildings / Hotels built in commercial areas have different tribal areas. People belonging to the area have invested in keeping their business safe on a daily basis, with “hooligans” who also “show eyes” to those who talk about Hotels / buildings. Due to the limits of various police stations, the “bargaining government” receives a monthly allowance, so they have also closed their eyes on how much illegal arms they have in these illegal Hotels / buildings located in their area.

Here are the “where” students residing in the name of the students and what kind of activities they are involved with in the Hotels / building What kind of “bottles” are in front of them – they are getting “menstrual periods”, people have to stop crying anyway, their job is to cry and if a young man gets too hot blood then he is treated for it. They have a “stick” anyway – in the areas of residential Hotels / buildings of the past year where the incidents of burglary shootings can be counted, one can determine who founded these buildings / Hotels. ” The benefit is “-Most extortionist district administrators, including the small and large” forbidden, “closed their eyes on the matter, have forgotten that” the world Will’s “what is happening today with anyone else today may happen to them as well, but what these people will do at the moment but they say these things have no effect on a journalist’s ‘legacy’

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