Hoteling in Fast Food Is Now Becoming Part of Our Culture

According to experts, fast-food diets contain high levels of saturated fat, and this is why obesity and illness are common in children. The risk of asthma when eating such foods in two to three years at a very young age is six percent. Fast food diets are up to twenty-seven percent from the age of seven years old. Experts warn parents to feed their children as much fruit at that age as possible to reduce their disease rates. The fast food commercials increase the inclination towards junk food in children. The consumption of fast food is increasing worldwide. The trend of these foods in Pakistan is the shiny advertisements that appear on print and electronic media.

How is food related to culture?

According to a study published in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, sugar and fatty foods in the United States have dropped to some extent, but most food items still Ads are displayed on telecommunications, which are harmful to children’s health. According to the report, the number of fast food commercials on television is now higher in the United States than it was six years ago.

This new research report on ads appearing in fast food media also reveals that 17 food-consuming companies, under one program, have begun to improve the nutritional quality of such items. Promise, whose ads are specifically designed for children under the age of 12. These include well-known companies like Coca-Cola, Kraft Foods, General Mills and Kellogg. It is also said that grease through these fried foods begins to accumulate in the blood vessels.

The Average American eat fast food

Meanwhile, Lisa Poole, a researcher at the University of Chicago at Chicago, who heads the team involved in this new research on consumer advertising, says, “Overall, the promotion of unhealthy ingredients has dropped slightly. Which is good news but on the other hand fast food advertising is seeing a lot of growth. ‘

Experts say the extent to which obesity is responsible for the number of children who suffer from obesity at a young age is difficult to say, though it is difficult to say, however, that it is Muslim in its place. Evidence is also found that fast food commercials increase children’s attraction to junk food. Recently, European countries have also launched a campaign against child obesity, says American researcher Lisa Poole. The results of this research on consumer advertising have led to the development of self-efficacy in food marketing during children’s telecommunications programs. According to Lee Palmer, a spokeswoman for the Council of Better Business Bureau, researchers have looked at the number of fast food ads, not the items contained in them, according to Lee Palmer, a spokesman for the Council of Better Business Bureau. On standard. Lee says Burger King and McDonald’s have improved the quality of children’s food and their advertising. Now the two companies have added apple slices and low-fat milk instead of French fries and soda to the children’s menu.

What is Considered Junk Food?

Many mothers complain that their baby is not eating or under-eating. The problem for some mothers is that their baby eats, but he does not like home-cooked food but fast food is full of food, fast food like pizza, burgers and cold drinks before the baby becomes obese. And then they are covered by obesity. The mother of such children is always worried that the child will not suffer from obesity or other diseases, but even when she does not look at the dishes made in the house, her mother has no choice but to look after her. Feed the fast food. Improving children’s food is possible. Here are some suggestions for mothers of their children who, by adopting them, can create a home-cooked interest in their baby’s heart.

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